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First Diagramming

First is a PocketPC and Windows Mobile application for creating and viewing associative diagrams. First is very simple to use, yet powerful enough for advanced applications. With First you can quickly and easily create flow charts, organizational charts, network diagrams, software diagrams, space layouts and others all with your handlheld PocketPC device.

An introduction into the basic use of First can be found on the Tutorial section of the Support page.  Some of the important features you'll find in First:

  • Dynamic shapes
  • Rich formatting options
  • Associative links
  • Cross-document links
  • Customizable shapes
  • Customizable shape attributes
  • Customizable shape library
  • Atrribute-base inremental search with smooth panning
  • Document templates
  • Complete Undo/Redo support
  • Command history saved in documents
  • List view for rapid editing
  • ActiveSync-based XML, WMF, BMP export

Unlike some other applications, First has been designed specifically for PocketPC pen-based devices. Every aspect of the software has been carefully considered to create the most productive and enjoyable experience possible.  For example, First doesn't discard Undo/Redo history when you close a document. By default, ever action you've made within the document is recorded and saved with the contents so it can be Undone if needed. With First you need not worry anout losing the ability to Undo. When you're working on the road or with frequent interuptions this simple feature can be a real benefit.

First provides a library of built-in associative shapes. As these shapes are moved, resized or otherwise modified the others in the diagram react and adjust themselves appropriately. Each type of shape has specialized intelligence and reacts according to its own set of rules. In addition, any shape can be converted to another shape at a whim -- without deleting then recreating it -- all while preserving all existing associations.

Shapes in your diagrams can be customized in appearance with your preference of color, line thickness, text size and other properties. Even the names of the shapes can be changed to match your intent.

In addition, you can save your customizations within a document or create libraries and templates to automate creating new diagrams and get a head start on your tasks. Almost every aspect of diagrams can be customized to meet your needs, and those of your customers.

First's progressive search capabilities make it simple to find the parts of your diagram that you need by shape type or property vaule. And, the associative nature of the search means that as new shapes and links are created, they are automatically included in the search results.

When the time comes to move your diagrams to a PC for archival or to include in a document or presentation, First Filter gives you the flexible options you need.

First Filter is an accessory to First that allows diagram documents to be synchonized between your handheld and PC using ActiveSync. FirstFilter converts First’s proprietary .DIA files to your choice of picture (WMF), bitmap (BMP) and DiagramML (DML) files. Also, FirstFilter will also convert DML files on the PC into diagram documents on the handheld as they are synchronized.  This powerful feature allows you to share compact DML files via email, or save them for archival.  And in the spirit of open collaboration, DML is fully documented on this site which allows other software applications to create DML files you can use with First on your PDA.

Some other PocketPC applications build functions to export different formats in the software on the device, thus increasing the space required to store and run it. First takes a different approach by implementing export functions in an ActiveSync filter that resides on the desktop machine. This gives the user the ability to convert First diagrams to other common formats as a part of the normal synchronization and without increasing the size of the software on the PDA – truly the best of both worlds, and a result of designing specifically for your mobile device.